About us

A new concept of high-level hospitality, a young and dynamic team in a unique place

Our history

Sentho is a luxury hostel. An initiative of the third generation of Roman hospitality which offers range of services of “affordable luxury”, combining luxury and relaxation in an entirely renovated  historical building in the heart of Rome.
The 1000 square meters nineteenth century building has been located next to the Basilica of Santa Pudenziana, the oldest Christian church in Rome, built on the ruins of an ancient Roman house. Sentho shares the garden and internal courtyard with this church. It allows the guests to enjoy a unique and typical Roman view and atmosphere.

Rome still needs more accommodations that welcome tourists from all over the world to let them enjoy the essence of the city with the highest standards and services.
Sentho with its young and dynamic team always cares the needs of its guests and the industry trends to make your stay unique and unforgettable.

Our experience at your service

50 the years that have gone by since the opening of our first hotel

3 the generations that have followed one another

1 – the passion that guides our work

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